Longhua participated in the 18th China Polyurethane Exhibition

July 28-30th the 18th China International Exhibition on Polyurethane (PU China 2021/ UTECH Asia) in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), come to a successful close.

PU China/UTECH Asia offers polyurethane materials specialists the perfect opportunity to see the latest global advancements in polyurethane technology including all the latest products, formulations, machines and equipment. The event draws from a broad range of polyurethane professionals representing numerous industries innovating with polyurethane.


SHANDONG LONGHUA NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD carefully prepared, with a superb level of technology, high-performance; the series polyether polyol and polymer polyol brand products once again become a major highlight in the same industry. Ingenious craftsmanship and precision accuracy index of the material, has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen gathered to watch and consultation to discuss. Many Buyers brought the technical problems encountered in processing the scene, after LONGHUA high-quality engineers, technical guidance and process optimization, a number of great customer satisfaction, the site reached purchases intention.

It is a harvest tour. By the exhibition, tens of companies and individuals kept contact with LONGHUA, and we also brought back a lot of advice from end users and dealers invaluable.

SHANDONG LONGHUA NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD in the Polyurethane industry in recent years has made long-term development and success; there is a certain brand heritage, development of sound. With a good ability to market skill, we have in the field of solid raw material preparation products occupies a pivotal position. Even so, but we also know that "a long way to go. We will also continue to enhance the management system, to accelerate LONGHUA branding process, rational face to market demand, making more quality service to customers and friends.

Let’s meet in the 19th China Polyurethane Exhibition next year!


Post time: Aug-23-2021