Polyols Market Trends

Rapid industrialization, along with the constant growth of construction and automotive industries, is the key factor driving the growth of the market. There is an increasing demand for polyols and their derivatives from various sectors such as electronics, furniture, packaging and footwear. Furthermore, rapidly burgeoning population and their housing requirements are projected to increase the consumption of building materials made-up of polyols such as insulation protective components, exterior panels and housing electronics. Insulated houses and buildings aid in the conservation of energy and minimizing the emission of greenhouse gasses. Additionally, the increasing demand for polyurethane foams in the automotive industry is also driving the market growth. Flexible polyurethane foams, a polyol derivative, are used to make seatings, headrests, arms rests, heating and ventilating headliners in the vehicles. Other factors such as the development of bio-based polyols are positively driving the growth of the market as well. 

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Post time: Nov-04-2022