The points system is implemented in Qingdao branch


Integral production is an effective management method for the company, so that the employees who have paid do not suffer losses, and fully stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees. Good results have been achieved since the implementation in the head office. Qingdao Branch, as a branch just established this year, has implemented the point system management under the leadership of Mr. Zhang since the company's operation, and achieved good results.

On August 5th, Qingdao Branch's points system management commendation meeting was held. In July, Wang Jingyi ranked first in the score, followed by Liu Tingting in domestic trade, and Shen Xiuling in third place in domestic trade. The chairman of the company, Mr. Han, awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals to the top three colleagues in Qingdao branch.

Mr. Zhang announced the rewards for the top three colleagues. President Qi of the head office distributed points-based lottery tickets to other colleagues who earned points and introduced the use of the lottery tickets. Mr. Han and colleagues from Qingdao branch shared the company’s future plans, and encouraged all colleagues to actively play to their strengths, display their talents on Longhua’s platform, work hard, and make greater achievements.

The points system is implemented in Qingdao branch. With the care and help of company leaders, Qingdao branch employees will definitely devote themselves to future work and strive for the company's development with a better mental outlook and greater enthusiasm!

Post time: Jun-18-2021