Polyether Polyol LE-220A

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Polyether Polyol LE-220A is a 2 functional, 2,000-molecular-weight polypropylene oxide-based diol with low unsaturation. It is mainly to produce coatings, sealants, adhesives and elastomers.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Transparent, Colorless Liquid
Hydroxy Number mgKOH/G:54-58
Acidity mgKOH/g:≤0.05
Color APHA:≤30
Viscosity mpa.s/25℃:270-370

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Concentrated molecular weight distribution.
Low unsaturation
Low VOC, trialdehyde content undetected
Low color value
Low moisture content, within 200PPM


It is mainly to produce coatings, sealants, adhesives and elastomers increasing their elongation. Specially for water-proof coating, single component solvent-free moisture curing polyurethane adhesive, one-component moisture curable polyurethane bonding sealant, Polyurethane elastomers for automobiles, constructions, mining, shoes and medicals.
The product has been specially neutralized for use in the production of prepolymers intended for sealant applications. and can be easily blended with other polyols and additives giving almost unlimited options in performance and processing in typical sealant formulations.

Main Market

Asia: China, Korea, Southeastern Asia
Middle east: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Africa: Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Nigeria
The Americas: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Peru


Flexibags; 1000kgs IBC drums; 210kgs steel drums; ISO tanks.

When working with polyols, avoid contact of polyol with eyes or skin. Safety glasses are suggested for use with most polyols, however, some polyols
require that chemical workers’ goggles be worn. Skin contaminated with polyols should be washed with soap and plenty of water. If polyol contacts eyes, flush with plenty of low pressure flowing water. If irritation occurs from contact with polyols, get medical attention.
Polyols are low to very low in acute oral toxicity. If a polyol is swallowed, give large amounts of water to dilute. Obtain medical attention.


Normally goods could be produced ready within 7-10 days then shipped from China Main port to your required port of destination. Should any special requirements, we’re pleased to help.
T/T, L/C, D/P and CAD are all supportive.

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  • 1.How can I select the right polyol for my products?
    A: You can reference the TDS, product application introduction of our polyols. You can also contact us for technical support, we will help you to match the exact polyol that well meet your needs.

    2.Can I get the sample for the test?
    A: We are glad to offer sample for customers’ test. Please contact us for the polyols samples that you are interested.

    3.How long is the lead time?
    A: Our leading manufacture capacity for polyol products in China enable we delivery the product at a fastest and stable way.

    4.Can we select the packing?
    A: We offers flexible and multiple packing way to meet customers’ different requirements.

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