Comprehensive emergency plan drill for hazardous chemical accidents

Comprehensive accident emergency drills were held in the major hazard areas of the tank farm. The drill closely followed actual combat, focusing on simulating material leakage, personnel poisoning and fires in nearby tank farms during the loading and unloading of trucks in the tank farm. The public works workshop immediately initiated an emergency response. The workshop director Zhang Libo commanded the rapid establishment of emergency rescue team, evacuation team, environmental monitoring team, decontamination team, alert team, fire sprinkler team, and medical rescue team to coordinate emergency response work and carry out the first time. Emergency rescue.


During the exercise, each team carried out in an orderly and swift manner in accordance with the requirements, responsibilities, and procedures of the rescue exercise. The leaders carefully commanded and rationally dispatched, and all participants in the exercise fully cooperated and executed in place, meeting the expected emergency drill indicators. This exercise not only effectively improved the company's ability to respond to emergencies in decision-making, command, organization and coordination, strengthened the risk awareness and fire protection awareness of cadres and employees in response to emergencies, but also further improved the on-site emergency response speed, handling capabilities and actual combat level , Laid a solid foundation for actively doing safe production and creating an intrinsically safe enterprise.


Post time: Jun-18-2021