Polyether Polyol LE-204

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LE-204 is a 400-molecular-weight Polypropylene oxide-based diol. It is mainly used to produce binders and elastomers. Also, it can be used as chemical intermediates, defoaming agent.

Typical Properties

OHV(mgKOH/g):270-290                                             K+(mg/Kg):≤3
Molecular weight: 400                                                      Water(wt%):≤0.05
Viscosity(mPa•s,25℃):200-350                               PH:5.0-7.0
Acid Value(mgKOH/g):≤0.05                                      Colour APHA:≤30


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The production process of this series of products is strictly controlled and the product quality is stable. Low moisture content. The internal control moisture of the product is within 100ppm to ensure that the moisture content is less than 200ppm when it reaches the customer's storage tank; The odor is extremely low. The product cannot smell with the nose; the molecular weight distribution is concentrated; it does not contain metal ions.


LE-204 is mainly used for CASE series products, such as coating, adhesives, sealant and elastomers. Suitable for the preparation of polyurethane elastomers, such as constructional water proof membranes, paving material, synthetic leather, shoes sole etc. It can also be used as chemical linter mediates, defoaming agent as well.


LE-204 is hygroscopic absorbing water. Container should be kept sealed and protected avoid contamination of moisture & outer materials. Also, container should be stored in ventilated warehouse under room temperature.
Recommend container:
Steel drums with 210KGs/200KGs
Flexi bag with 22Tons
IBC drum with 1Ton
ISO tank with 25Tons

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  • 1.How can I select the right polyol for my products?
    A: You can reference the TDS, product application introduction of our polyols. You can also contact us for technical support, we will help you to match the exact polyol that well meet your needs.

    2.Can I get the sample for the test?
    A: We are glad to offer sample for customers’ test. Please contact us for the polyols samples that you are interested.

    3.How long is the lead time?
    A: Our leading manufacture capacity for polyol products in China enable we delivery the product at a fastest and stable way.

    4.Can we select the packing?
    A: We offers flexible and multiple packing way to meet customers’ different requirements.

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