Polyether Polyol LSR-2000

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LSR-2000 is a 700 molecular weight polyether polyol. This product is widely used in
memory foam and mattress, etc. It is suitable to produce low resilience polyurethane foam especially for viscoelastic flexible foam, molded foam and many other applications.

Typical Properties

Acid Value(mgKOH/g):≤0.08K+(mg/Kg):≤5
Colour APHA:≤50

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Polyether polyol
MW700 Polyether Polyol
Polyether Polyol for Memory Foam
Experimental Polyether Polyol LSR-2000


Low viscosity
Low colour
BHT free


LSR-2000 is a 700-molecular-weight polypropylene oxide-based polyol. This special polyether polyol is mainly used to produce slow rebound foam. It can also be combined with other polyether polyols to produce slow rebound molded products.
Polyether polyol LSR-2000, is suitable for preparing flexible polyurethane foam. It's widely used in foam, mattress, furniture, cushion industries, used in sound-absorbing panels, carpet lower layers, filters, packaging materials. It’s used for flexible polyurethane block foam and other materials, suitable for the production of high, medium and low-density foams.

Store in new steel drums, 210KGS/drums.


Flexibags; 1000kgs IBC drums; 210kgs steel drums; ISO tanks.
Flash point is above 200℃ (open cup method), flammable but non-explosive. In case of fire, put out with foams, dry powder, steam or water.
LSR-2000 is slightly hygroscopic and may absorb water. Containers should be kept sealed and protected from contamination of moisture and foreign materials.
The shelf life is 12 months. After that, the pre-test should be made before use.
When handling polyols, precautions should be taken to avoid exposure to the eye or prolong contact with the skin. If eye contact occurs, flush with plenty of water. If skin contact occurs, wash exposed areas thoroughly with soap and water.

MOQ: Sample is support,and can transport by express and ship.

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  • 1.How can I select the right polyol for my products?
    A: You can reference the TDS, product application introduction of our polyols. You can also contact us for technical support, we will help you to match the exact polyol that well meet your needs.

    2.Can I get the sample for the test?
    A: We are glad to offer sample for customers’ test. Please contact us for the polyols samples that you are interested.

    3.How long is the lead time?
    A: Our leading manufacture capacity for polyol products in China enable we delivery the product at a fastest and stable way.

    4.Can we select the packing?
    A: We offers flexible and multiple packing way to meet customers’ different requirements.

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