Polymer Polyol LPOP-2010

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LPOP-2010 is an inactive polyether polyol modified with a styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) polymer with a solid content of approx 10% by weight. It can be used for the production of slab stock foams.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Milky White Viscous Liquid
Moisture % by wt.:≤0.08
Solid Content:8.0-12.0

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Pure White


LPOP-2010 is polymeric polyol, with 10% solid content, it can be used together with polyether polyol to produce slab stock foams, mattress foam, and other polyurethane foam. This polymer polyol can add the hardness and
inherent stability, load bearing properties. It can also offer products with excellent breathability characteristics, and high level of strength, durability.


Flexibags; 1000kgs IBC drums; 210kgs steel drums; ISO tanks.

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  • 1.How can I select the right polyol for my products?
    A: You can reference the TDS, product application introduction of our polyols. You can also contact us for technical support, we will help you to match the exact polyol that well meet your needs.

    2.Can I get the sample for the test?
    A: We are glad to offer sample for customers’ test. Please contact us for the polyols samples that you are interested.

    3.How long is the lead time?
    A: Our leading manufacture capacity for polyol products in China enable we delivery the product at a fastest and stable way.

    4.Can we select the packing?
    A: We offers flexible and multiple packing way to meet customers’ different requirements.

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